Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models!

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Have not you been tired of using the same hair models all the time? Do not you think it’s time to try some more different, different hair models? We know, you often use the same hair models because it’s easy. But below, it’s so easy to make different hair models that we specially recommend to you so that you can do it in seconds. Here are both very stylish and very easy hair models!

Reverse braided hair model

Here’s a very different hairstyle to look at and create: reverse braided hair! In this hairstyle you start from the bottom of your chin to knit in a classic, 3-braided style. Then you continue to knit the rest of your hair and knit the other end of the knot. In the final, you can finish the look by taking the fabric behind the chin.

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

Twisted knot hairstyle

The different hair models also look stylish as easy. One of these hair models is a twisted knot! Give your hair in the front auger shape and put it in the back with rubber buckle, then make 2 separate weaves. Then pull them out to the sides and give them the look of the ball. You can also fix it with the help of wire tongs.

You can often choose this hairstyle at invitations, you can fill your eyes with an elegant look. However, in order for the emerging hair model to look perfect, it is imperative that your hair is not electrified. For this reason, we suggest that you fix your hair after spraying the entire hair model.

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

Braided half-horse tail hairstyle

It’s a bit different for half a horse! Combined with the different hair models, the cool looks come out. The braided half-paddle is also practical and one of the coolest hair models! The front part of the hair collects a pinch and the side parts are in the form of a whistling hair. Then create another paddle under the paddle and pass it through the paddocks. Depending on the length of your hair, you can do this several times and fix your hair.

The flatness of hair in this hairstyle is very important in terms of the foreground of the model. For this reason, we recommend that you give the flattener a flat appearance before shaping your hair.

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

Half mini-knitted hairstyle

Here is a hairstyle that you can do when you go to the plaza which is suitable for summer months! You separate your hair from the side and you put together the hair on the front side and the back side from the other side. If you do not go to the city and holiday, you can also open it with a drying machine for holiday air.

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

Braided and wavy hairstyle

You have shaped your hair with a tongue but want to reach a different look? The little braids are full fisheye! Separate your hair as much as possible from the side and on the side where there is little hair, start ear-line to create a tiny net. At the end of the implant, you can get a much nicer look by attaching a hair accessory such as a ribbon.

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

Elegant knob hair model

When going to work, you can use an elegant knob to reach an important meeting, presentation, and a stylish look. To get this bun model, you have to collect the hair on the hill and separate the two handles. Give a pinch knob model, fix it with wire tacks, and knit the other pinion around the ball. That’s it!

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

Braided low horse tail hairstyle

If we ask you which hair model is easiest for you, it probably will be the answer pooch, right? It’s so easy to differentiate your ponytail! Knit the two front ends of your hair backwards and give it a cross shape at the back. Then collect your hair and wrap it in your horseshoes and fasten it with wire tangles. You’re ready!

Basic Hair Styles and Hair Models

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