Christmas Hairstyles – Top Christmas Party Hair Ideas

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Christmas hairstyles and best Xmas Christmas party hair ideas on the page! Let’s visit us page and see top christmas hair models…

Christmas is approaching and all the best Christmas parties call for fabulous hair. Apart from using top notch hair care products to keep your hair shiny and silky throughout the festive season, you also want to style your hair just right for all the merry-making ahead.

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Along with keeping your trusty Kirby grips and styling spray handy in the top draw of your office desk, there are plenty of quick tricks which can work magic to create stunning looks for your locks at the last minute. Here are the top 5 Christmas party hair ideas to help you along.

Party ponytail

The classic ponytail is always an elegant choice for long hair, and it will suit most people regardless of their age. This is also a low maintenance option if your hair is not behaving as it should! Use a small amount of hair care product to tame unruly locks, brush the hair through and secure at the nape of the neck with a sparkly hair band for added Christmas cheer.

Chic short hair

Short hair doesn’t have to mean a lack of styling. You might not be able to create such a dramatic look with your hair alone but stock up on glamorous tiaras, glitter and sparkly head bands and you could still have the most striking Christmas hair all through party season. Make sure the hair is perfectly tidy and groomed and match immaculate make-up for a strong overall look.

Ultra-glam up-loop

Up-loops are a simple way to make a regular ponytail a bit more dazzling. Slick the hair back with a shine serum or similar hair care product to make it more manageable. Scrape the hair back into a sleek ponytail then pull a big loop of the hair half way through the hair band, leaving strands hanging underneath, to create this polished bun look which is very feminine and luxurious.

Christmas Ball

Chic chignons, ballerina buns and other sophisticated styles will compliment elegant evening wear for more formal Christmas dos. When you opt for some of the more refined up-dos, be sure to groom your hair meticulously in advance for a really gorgeous finish. For a ballerina bun, fit for the catwalk, dampen and then smooth the hair into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail tightly and wrap it around the base, tucking in the ends. Secure the bun with hair pins and then spray it with a light hair care product to keep it all in place as you party the night away.

Office party hair

If you want to really let your hair down and transform a sensible work do into a foxy look for the office party, you can attempt any of the looks above, and braiding is a good alternative. Braid small amounts of your hair while it dries in the morning before work and clamp each section with straighteners so that the braids set firm. This way, you can unpick the braids just before the party, revealing fun and funky waves. Using some hair care product such as a light spray will hold the waves in place all evening.

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