New Hair Styles and 2019 Hair Models

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Hair models can be difficult to choose because of the wide variety of models that want to have a different look. For students who have restricted hair models for school, they can make their hair move with the models they have prepared in the frame of certain rules. The earlier start of this year due to the change in the hours of education, the easier and faster hair models are preferred.

In this model, which we are used to see in the far east and cartoon characters, the hair collected in the form of a ball is fixed with a wire buckle and the hair at the ends of the perimeter area needs to be released. In the first model, when the hair needs to be separated from the side, care should be taken to make it thicker.

2019 Trend Hair Models!

It is combined with the plastic or cloth buckle and the tail-tailed hair after it is brought up to the desired position with the hair that is woven with the classic chain knitting. The bottom part of the hair should be fixed with a cloth buckle after the hair is separated from the middle by leaving the part of the perch. With two mini ponytails, the tail starts to be knitted from the bottom. The knitted hair is wrapped around the formed bottom and secured with a wire buckle.

The forehead part of the hair is separated from the front part and the remaining part is gathered in the form of a ponytail. The hair remaining in the pincers is wrapped around the back to the ball. Persons with short pincers are holding the end of the piece with a wire buckle to the bun, while the rest of the long ones need to wrap around the bun. Then the part of the pail is knitted in chain knit style. The desired hairstyle is completed in the result of chain stretching by hand.

In this hairstyle, firstly the side parts must be separated from the top region and the remaining part must be made of the knob. Then the part of the knob is made “puff” and fixed with a wire buckle. This model, which is among the easiest hair models, is often preferred because it is simple and fast. After one side of the hair has been separated, it has to be knitted in the form of a classical knit. After that, the hair is combined with the side of the winglet and the model is finalized.

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