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As every year, styles change, and hair models are also changing things. This season’s trends show that short hair is fashion, but there are other styles too.

In the following article we will show you the best haircuts for 2019. In the world of dress and fashion, there is not much that stands out as much as our hair. It determines what we look like to a great extent. Besides, the haircut says a lot about someone. When combined with clothes, each person gives the individual touch and character he thinks is right for his image.


The flapperies were women who matched the fashion in the twenties, but they were rebels, because they did not fit all the rules. Flapper view is bold and impressive. This year’s innovation. It is a short hairstyle resembling a cut haircut. The song is to leave the ends scattered, and the perch is almost as thin as your eyebrows. Style experts suggest this hairstyle for round-faced women. Also, no doubt, today’s young “rebels” look ideal for those who do not want to live a traditional life.

Blunt Hair

Blonde hair is another short hair model that can be used in 2018. What about the benefits? First, it is easy to maintain and everyone who plays sports gives a young look. Also, this style is great for every face. This is a kind of joker of hair styles. It is usually used with natural waves and a little asymmetry in the front.

Long Hair

Unlike previous hair, this hair cut is a long way to use your hair. Famous women like Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis are known for their long hair. Vogue also stated that this is an alternative for this season. These two women were using this long hair center a little lower.

However, one of the eccentric hairdressers in the United States calls it a “graceful and sexy” hairstyle. Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are other celebrities who embraced this hairstyle at the Grammy Awards in November 2017.

High Horse Tail

It can be thought of as a variation of the previous style. A woman with very long hair can straighten her hair and use it as a high horse tail. This is a way to put your hair gracefully without having to go to the hairdressing salon.

This look makes it look tall and shaped. If you want to cover your hair, you can use a piece from your own hair. You can also use hair sprey to prevent hair from coming out. Hairspreyi hair adds more style.

Other variations you can use, depending on the situation:

  • A scattered horse tail that does not require too much hairspree;
  • A horse’s tail from which you make hair on the side for a casual look;
  • Appearance is a wavy horse tail that gives a certain charm.

Short, Curly Horse Tail

This is one of the most popular hair styles of 2018. It is a perfect horse tail for those with short hair. To do this, you should straighten your hair from its roots to your knees. Then, wave the ends of your hair. From where the waves begin, make your hair a horse tail.

A useful hint is to separate the waves with your fingers. Try to tighten the top. It will give you a graceful look and as you will see it is a very easy hairstyle to do.

Pixie (Short Hair)

Pixie cut is a great hairstyle for 2019. Leave a couple of layers: the hair around your neck is rather short and your coat in your head will be longer. According to known stylists, there is definitely a certain trend in 2019.

The best part about Pixie is that it has a lot of variations: a messy, wet effect, with tips, creped. Perfect choice for women with angled or oval faces.

High Bun

Dolce & Gabanna used it on the podium for the new season, so we think we will see a lot this year. Although it is a simple hairstyle and many people use it on a day when they do not know what else to do with their hair, they are said to be able to earn a touch of grace within a short period of time.

There are different knobs. In particular, the high bun is a great choice for curly hair because we often have difficulty finding a solution for curly hair. The main advantage is that it turns out to be completely empty; so it is a great opportunity to make our best make-up.

The list will be much more impressive in this sense, and it can be even longer with the other styling. These include a layered cut, wet look (damp) or different flecks that always make you look younger.

There are a wide variety of hair models for 2019. Apparently you should choose the one that best suits your face, and of course your personal taste.


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